The Fast and Visual way to Understand your People

Measure Employee Engagement and eNPS by running Employee Surveys

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Roslin Engagement makes it Easy to Measure Employee Engagement through running Employee Surveys, Understand your People better, and act on Valuable Feedback.

employee survey questions

Tackle Relevant Issues

Our Questions address the issues that matter like Management Support, Learning, and Retention. Alternatively, add your own!

Meaningful Conversations

Have anonymous conversations with staff to better understand the issues.

employee feedback conversations
employee analytics trends

Understand your People

Easily spot trends in the data using our Insightful Analytics to better understand how to unlock the potential of your teams.

Roslin is a fully featured Employee Experience Platform

Building a great Employee Experience is critical to reducing turnover, attracting the best talent and driving high levels of performance. Let Roslin help you along the way!
Pulse Surveys

Automated, anonymous surveys are an easy way to gather feedback from staff.

Engagement Analytics

Discover trends across your various demographics and dig into the details.

Anonymous Conversations

Help staff or dig into more detail by having a conversation with them safely through the platform.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Recognition is often cited as a reason for low engagement. Through Roslin, staff can easily Recognise each other for great work.

Multi-Rater Performance Reviews

Self, Manager, 180- and 360-Reviews are all possible through our flexible review system.

Employee Objectives

Set individual objectives for your people and allow them to check in over time. Great for individual OKRs or development goals.

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