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Drive Values and Behaviours with Employee Recognition

Public peer recognition keeps employees engaged and aligned with company values
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"Roslin’s platform has enabled accurate and meaningful analytics. We have been able to use this information to enhance our employer value proposition through better understanding of the needs of our employees."

Sue Lewis
VP Global Human Resources at CMC Networks

"Roslin helps us keep connected to the business by providing a data-driven lens into the true experiences of our people. It identifies where we are doing well and the problem areas, helping us to know where we need to take action."

Sarah Rice
Chief People Officer at Skynamo

"We've been using Roslin to keep our eNPS exceptionally high, which has helped us retain and attract the best talent. Having a steady stream of incoming eNPS data gives us confidence that our teams will likely remain as stable as they have been."

Johan Pretorius
Head of Talent, Polymorph Systems

"Implementing Roslin helped our performance culture soar! It provides the Viadex team with the tools to have open discussions around performance and engagement, strengthening our internal working relationships. Roslin's flexibility allows our managers to tailor it to what works best for their teams."

Nicole van Tonder
Talent Manager, Viadex Global
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Recognise Great Work

Your people can publicly acknowledge the impact of their peers.

Drive Values and Behaviours

Create badges that align with your values to drive the right behaviours and strengthen your company culture.
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Support Rewards with Analytics

Dashboards provide insights into recognition and power your reward programs.

See our Employee Engagement Platform in Action

Scale the impact of your culture to drive business success with Roslin’s Employee Engagement Solutions.

Roslin is a fully featured Employee Experience Suite

Building a great Employee Experience is critical to reducing turnover, attracting the best talent and driving high levels of performance. Let Roslin help you along the way!

Peer Recognition

Recognition is often cited as a reason for low engagement. Through Roslin, staff can easily Recognise each other for great work.

Employee Objectives

Set individual objectives for your people and allow them to check in over time. Great for individual OKRs or development goals.

Performance Reviews

Self, Manager, 180- and 360-Reviews are all possible through our flexible review system.

Engagement Surveys

Automated, anonymous surveys are an easy way to gather feedback from staff. Discover trends across your various demographics and dig into the details.
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