Automated Employee Engagement Surveys

World Class Leaders know that to create a High-Performance Company you need to measure and improve Employee Engagement



Engaged Employees are more Productive

Engaged employees work faster, harder and stronger because they like what they do. Gallup reports that engaged employees are 17% more productive.

A study by Wyatt Watson found that companies that have highly engaged employees produce 26% higher revenue per employee.

According to Gallup, 51% of workers are looking to leave their current jobs. Simply put, when employees are satisfied and engaged they are far more likely to stay with the organisation.

Why choose Roslin?

In order to make better people decisions you need data which is tedious and expensive to collect. Roslin automates the process and presents you with on-going People Analytics so that you can spend more time making decisions and less time collecting data.

Real-time Data

Data is collected on a rolling basis and is updated as surveys are completed. Dashboards allow you to view data and drilldown immediately.

Completely Automated

After the initial setup, Roslin takes care of the rest. Our surveys will run on their own and collate the responses. Just login and review your data!

Best Practice

The Roslin team has reviewed best practice from top universities, organisations and consulting firms in deciding what to ask and when.


Have your own way of doing things? Configure Roslin to use custom questions and metrics with or without our recommended ones.

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Our packages are a lot cheaper than losing key staff or missing out on innovative feedback.


$ 0 user/mo
  • Up to 50 users
  • Unlimited importing
  • Unlimited reports
  • 2 Hours of Setup Assistance
  • Custom Implementation


$ 2 user/mo
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited importing
  • Unlimited reports
  • 2 Hours of Setup Assistance
  • Custom Implementation


$ ? user/mo
  • All of Standard
  • Premium Support
  • Custom Modules
  • 10 Hours of Setup Assistance
  • Custom Implementation

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