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Measure Employee Engagement and eNPS by running Employee Surveys

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Key Features

Measure Employee Satisfaction, eNPS and more

Measure employee loyalty to your company with our built-in Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS).

Dashboard and Reporting

The advanced dashboard gives you the facility to filter survey responses based on various attributes.


Roslin has a prebuilt pool of well-researched questions which can be tailored or added to based on your needs.

Company Benchmarks

Measure engagement against past survey results to track the health of your company culture over time.

Meet Roslin

Roslin makes it Easy to Measure Employee Engagement, run Pulse Employee Surveys and get Regular Staff Feedback so you can build a people-first culture.

Roslin Engagement and Performance

Relevant Surveys

Ask your staff relevant questions with the option to add anonymous comments

Roslin Engagement and Performance

Meaningful Conversations

Have anonymous conversations with staff to better understand the issues

Roslin Engagement and Performance

Insightful Visualisations

Surveys generate a lot of data and our visualisations make it easier for you and your team to better and more quickly understand it.

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