Getting Started


A short guide on getting started with Roslin within 15 minutes!

Step 1 - Add your staff

You can add your team to Roslin one by one or through a bulk import using a CSV file.

Adding single users

You can use the form under Users >> Create to create one user at a time for ad hoc users.

Bulk Import using a CSV file

For your initial setup we highly recommend that you import your users with our Bulk User Creation tool found under Users >> Create Many.

You could thus export all your staff from your payroll system (for instance) into CSV and then import them using our CSV import format. You can download our CSV format using the Download .CSV Template button on the Users >> Create Many page. Populate this template with the data from your own systems then use the Upload CSV button to upload your file. If you need assistance importing your data then please contact us at We provide free data import assistance to paying customers!

Roslin will allow you to check the import data. Once you're happy, click the Submit button. Roslin will notify you of the results of the import.

  • Users will be sent a welcome email asking them to log in and create their password.
  • Roslin will automatically update existing users with import data if they are already on the system based on their email address.
  • You can tick the 'show extra fields' button to see additional user data such as department or location.

Step 2 - Set up billing

If your organisation has over 50 users on Roslin you will need to enable billing otherwise only the first 50 users will be surveyed.

Start by going to Settings >> Billing.

There you can create a new subscription and determine how many users you would like the system to have. It will prompt you for credit card details and ask for your authorisation.

We use Stripe for our billing and none of your Credit Card details are stored on our servers. Stripe has very high-security standards which can be viewed here.

Step 3 - Review Questions

Roslin has a pool of best practice questions that will be sent out automatically and on a regular basis.

These are our internal Roslin Questions which you can switch off by making them dormant or you can add to. We recommend you review them before sending out your first survey.

Step 4 - Set up Survey Automation

The final step is simply to set up your survey settings on the page. This will determine how often your surveys are sent out and how long staff have to respond.

Once you're done, simply click submit and your survey will be sent out within the hour.

Step 5 - Set up managers (OPTIONAL) 

Every user has a role setting that can be modified. It provides the following rights in each case:

  • Administrators can amend billing and survey admin.
  • Managers can view data and respond to conversations from their department.
  • Employees can only answer surveys and view their personal dashboard.

You may want to elevate some of your staff to the manager level so that they can view data for the department they are allocated to.

Step 6 - Staff Email from CEO (OPTIONAL)

We have found that a simple email from the CEO or another senior official to the staff can be highly beneficial to its implementation. The email should emphasize that feedback is anonymous and that it's being used to improve the workplace.

What happens now

Data on Roslin is real-time. This means that the dashboards will be populated as the new data comes in. The only constraint is that for any dashboard, metric or filter, there needs to be at least 5 responses so as to protect the anonymity of staff.