Analytics Introduction


Now that you've got Roslin setup for your Organisation, let's start looking at how to get to your data and feedback.

The Dashboard


The Dashboard gives you an overview of key aspects of Roslin. You can reach it by clicking on Analytics and then Dashboard. It starts with the Response Rate which shows the average response rate of all surveys sent in the last 90 days. It’s important to keep this score above 40%.

Your Employee Net Promoter Score is typically one of the most important People Metrics in an organisation. It is scored between negative 100 and 100 which measures the Engagement level of your Employees. Any score over zero is considered good. You can click on the change chart icon on the top right to show how the responses are broken down.

Finally, we have the Engagement Drivers Overview. This shows the scores for each Engagement Driver for the selected month which defaults to the current month. Engagement Drivers are simply the average scores for groups of questions in a similar theme. For example, Management Support contains questions relating to the Support provided by managers to their teams.

The Heatmap (beta)


The heatmap is the best place to get a snapshot view of your entire organisation. The heatmap makes it very easy to spot areas of strength and weakness. You can reach it by going to Analytics and then Heatmap.

You can easily use the dropdowns at the top of the screen to switch the Heatmap between Department and Location modes and can also look at previous months. The Heatmap uses the traditional Roslin colours of Green, Yellow, and Red for Good, Neutral and Bad. The little question mark icons indicate that there are not currently enough responses to provide a score.

Staff Feedback


During surveys, respondents have the option of leaving a comment. These comments are visible by Managers and Admins in the Staff Feedback Screen. You can get there by clicking on Analytics and then Staff Feedback.

You’ll notice this can quickly become overwhelming so we’ve added numerous filters that you can use to drill down into your Staff’s feedback. Simply enter your filters and click on the apply button to refresh the data.

Comments can be tagged by clicking the add tag button. Click on a tag to remove it.

You can also export the comments to a CSV file by clicking the export button.