New Features "People, Supervisors and the Heatmap"

1/31/2019 Development

As new clients join our community we get valuable feedback based on their unique use cases. We're happy to add 3 new features in a beta state to Roslin.

People Directory

The People Directory is a tool that allows admins to upload photos of all the staff on the system and then for ALL users to view these profiles. They contain only the simple data of each user such as location, department, supervisor and email. We may expand this later to include information volunteered by users such as hobbies and interests to better foster relationships at work. We want to stress that no sensitive information, specifically staff feedback, is available on this screen.

Some of our customers requested a photo-based people directory so that staff could use it to look up information on their colleagues but also get to know the faces of the new and old staff. From a product management perspective, we at Roslin have to assess whether features dilute and clutter the product or add value to its core use case. Roslin's main goal is to collect feedback from and collate it into dashboards in real-time. That said, keeping a high response rate amongst staff is critical to the success of a Roslin implementation. It is our belief that this new feature will increase staff activity on the application and thus survey response rates.

The People Directory can be accessed by all staff from the sidebar.


The Supervisors feature allows admins to set the direct reports of everyone in the company and essentially build the company organogram. This helps inform managers and new staff of the reporting structure but more importantly, it allows managers and admins to filter data by supervisor. All analytics screens have had an extra filter added for supervisors that will autocomplete based on the current user base. It is important to note that filtering by the supervisor will include the feedback of ALL their descendent direct reports.

To use these filters, the direct reports for staff must be configured in the user management screen. Admins must be careful not to create circular reporting structures as this will prevent data from being collected successfully. We plan to add features in the future that will allow for the visual representation of the organogram.


Many of our customers needed a quick and simple way to view feedback across the company. To serve this need we created the Heatmap. It aggregates data into scores in the same fashion as our dashboard screen and then displays that data across the various valid filters for the company for location and department. Simply go to the heatmap screen under Analytics and use the dropdown list to select Location or Department.

The Heatmap will show green for good scores and red for poor scores. Admins and Managers can thus very easily spot relative weak or strong spots across the organisation very easily. For the heatmap to work, staff must have their department and/or location fields completed by the Admins. Staff without these fields completed will have their feedback excluded.

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