New Feature "Conversations"

1/31/2019 Development

The conversations feature allows managers to respond to comments left by any staff member. These comments are in response to specific questions asked in surveys. The whole conversation is anonymous unless either party identifies themselves in the chat.

Why we built it

The Roslin team was getting lots of feedback from their users regarding the Staff Comments feature which allows staff to leave open-ended responses for any question when completing a survey.

The feedback we were getting is that staff were either leaving vague responses that required a follow-up question for more information or they were leaving responses about critical HR issues that needed to be dealt with urgently. Staff would then have to be encouraged to come forward with more information.

Adding the ability to continue the conversation gives management the power to drill down into issues with staff members while in the safe environment of Roslin. This, combined with quantitative data, enhances management leverage. In other words, the effectiveness of management at empowering staff. This happens due to the closing of the feedback loop between staff feedback and management response.

How does it work?

From the Staff Comments Dashboard, a manager can click on the comments left by the staff as they've completed surveys. This will take them to the Conversation View where they can type a message in response. The staff member will then be notified by an email with a link. Clicking the link will take the staff member to the same conversation.

All conversations are anonymous. A manager will not be able to determine which staff member left a comment or even which other managers have joined the conversation.

What's next?

The Roslin dev team is working on deepening the logic behind manager viewing capability. This means that managers would only be able to see conversations with their subordinates.

JP Olivier
Chartered Accountant, self-taught coder, entrepreneur, investor. Co-Founder of and CFO at